ED, May-June 2005

Message from the Executive Director (Film Print, Volume 25 Issue 3, May 2005)

I am very proud to present FILM PRINT – the latest incarnation of what originated as a modest newsletter back in 1984. None of this would be possible without the hard work of editor Jason McBride and LIFT Communications Coordinator Michael Barker (our new in-house magazine designer!) I would like to thank you both for this new publication. I would also like to thank Coach House Press for coming on board as our new printer. FILM PRINT will continue to explore the art of film in our community, as it exists locally here in Toronto and abroad at other independent film communities across the world.

This new and exciting publication is only one of the many exciting developments to occur over the past two months. I would like to welcome Wanda Nanibush to LIFT as our new Development Coordinator. Wanda comes to us with a wealth of experience as Festival Coordinator at the ImagineNATIVE Media Arts Festival and media arts programmer at a number of festivals. Wanda will be primarily responsible for planning an umber of LIFT events but will also be responsible for the never-ending task of seeking out additional funding to support a number of new initiatives that we are working on. Her contribution could not come at a better time: public funding is unpredictable and despite my best efforts and the tremendous activity by our membership, it is unlikely we will ever squeeze more operational funding from those that control the federal purse strings.

I am also proud to announce Catherine Rankin as the 2005 recipient of the Tom Berner Award. Catherine has been cutting and conforming negative for film for as long as people can remember. She has also generously offered her services to super low-budget filmmakers who could never afford commercial rates. I can remember meeting Catherine back in 1994 when I was trying to figure out how to complete my first film. Catherine patiently described the process (and only charged $50 to cut the negative!).

We will be celebrating Catherine’s substantial contribution to our community with a party at Cinecycle on June 2. Everyone is welcome, and for those of you that have benefited from Catherine’s expertise we will be screening a few of the films that she worked on over the years.

We also have set a couple of more dates in our ongoing New Directions in Cinema series. We will be highlighting the handmade works of John Price at Innis Town Hall on Thursday June 9. On July 9, at Latvian House, LIFT will also present a retrospective of Robert Kennedy’s films that will include a couple of new projects. Eye Weekly has generously offered to be LIFT’s media sponsor and will not only help promote the New Directions series, but also all of LIFT’s future events, but our garage sale to our silent auction.

Finally, I would like to thank our outgoing magazine designer Francisca Duran for her invaluable contribution to LIFT magazine over the past four years. Our design to design the magazine in-house was based on changing staff job descriptions with the addition of Wanda Nanibush as our Development Coordinator. Franci had a profound effect in transforming the LIFT Newsletter into a professional magazine and set a creative standard that we will use to measure the success of our new publication We thank you for your invaluable contribution Franci, and we wish you all the best with your film projects.

Roberto Ariganello