ED, September 2004

From the Executive Director

Usually every couple of weeks or so we will encounter an aspiring yet misguided auteur who is thoroughly convinced that filmmaking is too expensive and too impractical for their particular project. Usually we begin our defense of film with a a description of our $99 No Excuses Film Festival, which, as its name implies, was created to provide an affordable opportunity to make a short film in 16mm or super 8.

If the aspiring auteur is not thoroughly won over by the $99 No Excuses Film Festival (which, by the way, is touring across the province this fall and winter) we’ll then outline the annual silent auction that takes place as part of our Shine It On! fundraiser in September. Every year our partners in the film industry generously donate their services for filmmakers looking for great deals. Filmmakers can purchase a lab or equipment credit, film stock or transfer time for a fraction of the normal cost. it is the best way to make a film and save a tremendous amount of money.

We would like to invite all aspiring film auteurs out there to drop by Latvian Hall on September 8 and take advantage of our great deals while investing in their projects and supporting LIFT. The Shine It On! festivities also include the Salon des Refuses screening, which highlights some of the Canadian shorts rejected (ed. note: or, if you prefer, the gentler “not selected”) by the Toronto Film Festival. Shine it On! is a great way for filmmakers and cinephiles alike to receive some great savings for their next film project and view some rejected gems.

This issue of LIFT Magazine marks the last time we will have the privilege of Larissa Fan’s services as Magazine Editor. We would like to thank Larissa (LIFT’s longest-standing current employee!) who has taken the first steps in developing what was LIFT’s Newsletter into a vital national magazine. Larissa raised the standards of our publication and we hope that we can maintain them as she steps aside to pursue her post-graduate studies at York University. As editor, Larissa held a perfect balance of professionalism and patience: two qualities necessary to maintain one’s sanity in the artist-run community. Larissa, we will miss you dearly.

Over the next few months, LIFT Magazine will begin a transformation into a genuine national magazine. The task is daunting but our goal is to make the magazine more widely available throughout Canada, more financially independent and to ensure that our film community has a stronger voice and a greater presence. LIFT Magazine’s constituency will include a film community that extends across the country through every artist-run production centre. Jason McBride has been hired as our new editor and will guide us through this challenging transition. Jason brings a wealth of experience as managing editor of both Coach House Press and Cinemascope Magazine. Welcome to LIFT, Jason. We look forward to all your great ideas!

Roberto Ariganello

LIFT Volume 24, Issue 5 September 2004