ED, May-June 2003

From the Executive Director

Some of you have noticed the extraordinary amount of change that has occurred in the neighbourhood surrounding LIFT.  The Irwin Toy Factory will soon be converted to fashionable condos; a supermarket and Canadian Tire store are slated for completion within the next few months in the open space behind LIFT and a new road will be built in the lane way on the north side of our building. The changes however, are not limited to the just the exterior of LIFT.  We have begun the process of redesigning our facilities that we believe will improve the quality of your film projects.

We have completely renovated the Pro Tools suite to include an ADR room, rearranged the suite to improve the sound mixing potential of the room and created a machine room that will contain the sound components that produce that annoying hum that sound mixers like to complain about.  Drop by and check out the Pro Tools suite when you get a chance. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the planning and construction of the new room. It was built by LIFT members!

We have started the process of converting the optical printer in the animation room to the Oxberry 35mm camera. This will allow members to blow up their films to 35mm from regular 8, super 8, 16mm and super 16mm. 35mm has always been considered too expensive for do-it-yourself filmmakers, yet it is still the best visual film format and it is universally accepted throughout the world. LIFT now has the tools available to either create a 35mm film or to finish on 35mm. The goal at LIFT is to give our members the option to employ any film format that they desire to fulfill their creative vision.

In keeping with our goal of making all film formats available to our members, we look forward this fall to resurrecting regular 8 filmmaking. This long forgotten film format predates super 8 and was extremely popular in the first half of the 20th century. We have some great cameras and some out of date R-8 Kodachrome film that still looks terrific. Keep a lookout for more details about the “One Take Regular 8 Film Festival” in the next issue of our lovely newsletter.

Times are certainly changing in the neighbourhood, but film will always live on at LIFT

Shine it on,

Roberto Ariganello