Yesterday’s Wine: Credits

Director, producer, writer, editor: Roberto Ariganello
Length: 10 minutes
Format: 16mm
Year of production: 1999
Country of production: Canada

Negative Cutter: Katherine Rankin
Sound Design: Pierre Tanguay, Diane Labrosse
Sound Mix: Julie Saragosa
Special thanks to: Bernardo Avila, Lupita Miranda, Christina Theocharis, Maricarmen Miranda, Sebastjan Henrickson, Christina Theocharis, Chris Gehman, Elida Schogt, Ana Barajas, LIFT.
Funding (in part): National Film Board’s Filmmakers Assistance Program (FAP)

Available from: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3A8
Tel: 416-588-0725