Gesture: Credits

Director, producer, editor: Roberto Ariganello and Federico Hidalgo
Writer: Federico Hidalgo
Camera: Roberto Ariganello
Narrator: Marcos Frutos
Man in Tie: Nestor Galvan
Man in Hotel: Federico Hidalgo
Length: 14 minutes
Format: 16mm
Year of production: 1999
Country of production: Canada

Special thanks: Bernardo Avila, Sylvia Medina, Claudia Prado, Veronica Rueda, Chris Gehman, Sebastjan Henrickson, André Herman, Concordia University, LIFT.
Financial assistance: in part, by the Toronto Arts Council

Available from: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
401 Richmond Street Ste. 119
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3A8
Tel: 416-588-0725