Contrafacta: Sound Notes

(note: numbers refer to Sound Ideas sound effects discs and tracks)

1. Ambience outdoor
Liquid pouring
Drawbridge! Cranking sound as frame moves out – winch sounds (6037 tr. 93, 6040 tr. 98)

2. Outdoor in nature
Music? Stringed instrument

Sound of dragonfly (find bugs)
Sound of lid
Cup falling over (6020 tr. 59)
Horse raising head (6003 tr. 65 – 1,2)
Butterflies going under skirt (?)

3. Courtly ambience, indoor castle/hall
egg impact/crack (6020 tr. 82)
throne moving/angelic sound (winch 6037 tr. 10)
camera movement sound (6038 tr. 46 – low hum)
(for all movement/mechanical?)
angel to leper transformation
sound pulsing sound
flying devils

3. Bathing scene, night ambience
Frog cue/jump
Jesus/ghost cue/disappearing (shifting pitches)
Baby sounds

4. Ambience, Travelling Throne (6037 tr. 10)
Water sounds
Traveling throne
Letters cues

4. Zombie
night time/outdoors (ambience 6029 tr. 24)
yellow ray/electricity (6039 tr. 62)
zombie footsteps
pulsating ring (6039 tr. 62)
objects moving – different sounds (sheep, wasps, baby sounds, devil with wings, head with devils (insect sounds, mosquito)
3-arm swords – specific sound

5. Courtly transformation
Interior Castle/hall
Storm/thunder sounds
Hell ambience

Deserting throne (6037 tr. 10)
3-arm sword
red eye cue
flying devil
throwing king away
flame sound

6. Descent to Hell
hell ambience
rushing air sounds

howl of damned souls
flame cue at end

7. Woman hammers the house
-outdoor morning begins

woman walking (hammering the house)
lid opening/creaking wood
gory creatures (drooling, electrodes, skeleton)

8. Dancing skeleton
indoor and music warming up
music – original

curtain opening
bone sounds
rolling skull
crashing bones

9. Forest Scene
forest ambience

plants being pushed aside
wide boar
boars meeting
2 ducks quacking/flying
leopard growl (hunting in distance)
dog (horn louder)
dog in hunter/hunt
rabbit sound
man fighting with wild boar/dog
swing wolf – twine creaking

10. Release of he Devils 1
Indoor fire place (6015 tr. 52)

Blue devils/insects – only in flight
Being released from mouth
Shooting sound
Pig sound quietly

11. Release of he Devils 2
Indoor/Outdoor ambience (6015 tr. 52)
Devils blown out
Different devil sounds

12. Release of Devils 3
outdoor ambience (6015 tr. 52)
party ambience

frolicking water
fountain in water
devils blown out

13. God like
mysterious ambience

sounds for release
blue pockets

14. Woman magic show
outdoor night

sound when hammer hits bell sound

15. Man in fire
city ambience

Camera movements as pan down
Flame/fire sounds/torch
Natural gas, acetylene truck

16. Waiters 1
Interior hall/church ambience
Babble of crowd
Music background

Waiters footstep
Someone losing balance

17. woman Musician
full music (drum/string, baby pipe, lute, flute, harp, singing chorus)

footstep of waters

18. Waiter with flaming plate
same music background
hell ambience gradually getting louder

flaming plate
hot sizzling plate sound
conveyor belt/waiter
devil’s hook/scream

19. Skeleton Man outside 1

outdoor and music

frame appearance cue
rabbit jumping
rabbit in hole
skeleton jumping sounds
farmers plowing/raking
man with devil (spewing, devil/insect)
frame disappearance cue

20. Skeleton Man 2

skeleton climbing pole
little devil/insects
head pulling
flag with wind

21. Man and Mechanical World

ambience – constructed from gears/changing, clock work
(6040 tr. 20, 21, 22, 23 castle drawbridges)
(6040 tr. 97, 98 – winches)

22. Physicians at Work
Indoor to Outdoor ambience
Bright outdoor day

Shell scraping
Eye surgery sounds
Footstep shuffling
Camera movement
Rising people
Cadaver dissection
Camera movement (pan lift)
Wet sound of people rising
Out of body cavity
Sounds to cut to

23. woman in Boat
water outdoor boat
serpent splices
devils enter with head
head splash
gurgling hand sounds

24. Farming for heads
outdoor daytime ambience
bright with buds
music soft in background gradually grows with entrance of musicians
full music/wheelbarrow sound
abrupt stop of music
hunting horn

baby on plate
shipping vat
footsteps shifting while farming
pulling out of ground sound
baby sounds
water footstep
pogo stick sound/spring (mouth harp)
dancing dogs
dancing deer
clanging armour/squeaks

25. Woman with hammer and baby
outdoor ambience night

water footsteps
jump rabbit
baby/pillow hovers
zombie footsteps
zombie footstep (change sound of hammer as woman grows in size)

26. Devil and Little Devils
hell ambience

little devils
suction sound as they enter through the ears

27. Flying Frog
outdoor wind
possible music

28. Flaming man
music over titles?