Contrafacta: Script

(The following appears as intertitles)

The seventh gate is the gate of projection
which will take off all veils that have been
upon the most Holy place, where we may enter
as all knowing in wisdom’s mysteries and wonders.

Midway on our life’s journey, I found myself
In dark woods, the right road lost.

And he spewed forth a most disgusting mist
from his mouth, which covered the earth
like the blackest of smoke.

Now this soul is at ret in the bottomless depths,
and the depths are the lowest.

I am the watch-tower of all the virtues.

The third image was also like a man.
It had black hair and wore a pale garment.

The physician must first give proof that he can
heal himself, before he undertake others.

All creation shows its fullness.

You are like a worm that lives for just a short time.

I sought marvels, but I didn’t find any.
A fool I returned from there, a fool I went there.
A fool I went there, a fool I returned from there.
I sought folly, I consider myself a fool.

You are surrounded by a black fog.

The sixth image has a man’s face.

For those who are thin and dry,
a steam bath heated with rocks
does no good, because
they will be made more dry by it.

The first faculty set before me was that of seeing,
seated in her eye, which appeared like a fiery ray
and sparkled as a star, piercing all things.