Vancouver Underground Film Festival

Vancouver Underground Film Festival, November 11-14, 1999

The Blinding Light Cinema

Friday, 7:30

Visual Trauma

Found-footage, scratched and painted emulsion ad digital video manipulations leave your optic nerves permanently damaged in this mind-expanding series of film and video experiments which push the limits of the form.

Far Reaches by Shawn Chappelle (8 minutes)

Chappelle’s aggressive and hyper-layered digital manipulation of found elements fires through us using Paul Virilio as a launch pad.

Angel by Wayne Yung (5 minutes)

With a beautiful and subtle meeting of digital effects and body movement, Yung tells the tale of one angel’s disillusionment with gay ideals of desire.

In My Car by Mike Hoolboom (5 minutes)

Subtle and strangely calming, Hoolboom lays text across appropriated video images to haunting effect.

Yesterday’s Wine by Roberto Ariganello (10 minutes)

A jarring blend of second rate sci-fi images and reconstructed language tape instructions, Yesterday’s Wine pulls no punches and leaves you breathless.

For All Mankind: Remix by Chris MacKenzie (5 minutes)

A veritable scratch-mixed remounting of the moon landing through modern eyes.

Call It A Day by Jason DaSilva (4 minutes)

A day unwinds and winds up through aggressively hand-processed super-8 film.