The Independents

The Independents (1999)

(Cinematheque Ontario, Jackman Hall, Toronto)

Recent Toronto Film and Video

The Independents launches its fifth year with a programme of highlights of independent and experimental film and video from the Toronto area. Leslie Peters continues her terrific series of short videos shot from moving cars with Cheatin’ Heart, and Tasman Richarson creates minimalist miracles with simple shapes and a monotone colour scheme in the brief but powerful Collapse. With characteristic wit, Steve Reinke explores How Photographs Are Stored In The Brain. Thanin Chan’s stunning cameraless film, Aquatic Living: Natural Building vibrates with graphic energy shifting from stark black-and-white to colour. Sarah Abbott’s viscerally powerfully high-contrast dance film, The Light in Our Lizard Bellies creates a careful balance of dance document and pure form, while Gariné Torossian’s disturbing and ambiguous The Pomegranate Tree overlays images of Armenia with Eli Langer’s drawings of traumatic scenes in a jangling collage of colour. Kokoro is for Heart creates a fixed version of Philip Hoffman’s ongoing Opening Series, with the collaboration of text and sound artist Gerry Shikatani. Roberto Ariganello’s Yesterday’s Wine creates a labyrinth of unresolved framing narratives, drawing on found footages from old monster and science fiction films, and absurd language tapes. Elida Schogt describes the parallel histories of her grandparents’ death in the Holocaust and the substance that killed them, Zyklon B, in her accomplished first film, Zyklon Portrait. Michael MacNamara’s energetic and funny short documentary John Scott: Art and Justice, is a candid portrait of an important Toronto artist.

Collapse by Tasman Richardson

1.5 minutes video 1999

Cheatin’ Heart by Leslie Peters

2.5 minutes video 1999

How Photographs Are Stored In The Brain by Steve Reinke

7.5 minutes video 1998

Aquatic Living: Natural Building by Thanin Chan

4.5 minutes 16mm 1999

The Light in Our Lizard Bellies by Sarah Abbott

8 minutes 16mm 1999

The Pomegranate Tree by Gariné Torossian

3 minutes 16mm 1998

Yesterday’s Wine by Roberto Ariganello

10 minutes 16mm 1999

Kokoro is for Heart by Philipi Hoffman

Text sound performance: Gerry Shikatani

7 minutes 16mm 1999

Zyklon Portrait by Elida Schogt

13 minutes 16mm 1999

John Scott: Art and Justice by Michael MacNamara

19 minutes 16mm 1998