Millennium Film Workshop

Millennium Film Workshop

Spring Series 2000

May 13 (Saturday) Experimental Cinema from Canada

A program of film and video.

Hi, I’m Steve (6 minutes 1999) by Robert Kennedy

Mothers of Me (15 minutes 1999) by Alexandra Grimanis

Sparklehorse (9 minutes 1999) by Gariné Torossian

Yesterday’s Wine (10 minutes 1999) by Roberto Ariganello

Brendan’s Cracker (8.5 minutes 1999) by Vincent Grenier

Eulogy/Obverse (7 minutes 1999) by Ryan Feldman

Stage Fright (5 minutes 1999) by Wrik Mead

The Light in Our Lizard Bellies (8 minutes 1999) by Sarah Abbott

A series of shorts that reflect some of the vibrancy, daring and imagination of Canadian independent film at the turn of the millennium. With Sparklehorse, Gariné Torossian returns to the collage style of filmmaking explored in her earlier films… Sparklehorse subtly conveys, with characteristic poetry, the ways in which people communicat with and value each other in a world of spiraling mediation. Yesterday’s Wine is a found footage film that explores the nature of filmmaking by deconstructing the violence common to commercial, narrative cinema… Inspired by surrealism and dadism, disparate material is brought together through intuitive associations to create an absurd homage to old and obscure cinema. On Brendan’s Cracker – shot in Mini DV and HI8 and edited on a digital workstation, this film is a collage of distant worlds, lost and not yet learned. Through a single dancer, editing and effects in exposure caused by hand processing, The Light In Our Lizard Bellies reflects the intensities that discombobulate us as we go through change and face parts of ourselves previously denied or unknown.